Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching



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Louise Nicholson

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Telephone: 07793 948943

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The Practitioner Diploma provides a solid grounding in the principles and practice of coaching.

“The AoEC Practitioners Diploma in Executive Coaching exceeded my expectations. The theory & experiential learning, the support offered, and the opportunity to meet & work with the facilitators /other participants on my course was an invaluable experience. Topping it all off was the ability to undertake this launch course in Ireland.”

Louise Nicholson, Consultant and Executive Coach
N Ireland

“The programme came at a perfect time for me to develop my coaching practice and model in a professional manner. I was blessed to gain the feedback from the tutors on my practice as a coach.

The learning ensured I was challenged to reflect and challenge myself both from a positive lens and a critical self developing manner. The materials provided on line were succinct and of a very high quality. With huge thanks. ”

Nichola Lynagh, Professional Development Officer
Regional Training Unit - developing current and future school and education sector leaders in N Ireland

“What makes the Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching an exceptional training programme is the emphasis on coaching practice. The high levels of energy was infectious between tutors and participants due to the focus on learning. This came about as a result of continuous engagement through discussion, activities and feedback sessions. The blended learning involving participant review of online material combined with peer group and one-to-one tutorials between modules accelerated my development. I am a fully satisfied customer of AoEC due to the significant progress made on my journey to becoming an accomplished Executive Coach.”

James Barrett, Coach, Trainer and Mentor
Co Cavan

“This was a challenging and exceptionally fulfilling experience. My coaching skills have developed significantly throughout the programme through experiential learning and constructive feedback. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone wishing to develop their coaching skills to take them to a new level.”

Executive Coach and Consultant

Course Summary

Held over a series of 3 two-day modules plus a Live Action Coaching Day and supported by an e-learning programme, participants work with the AoEC’s comprehensive coaching model of Beginnings, Middles and Endings to mirror the Executive Coaching process.

Course Objectives

Qualification: Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

Accreditation: Middlesex University, EMCC, ICF ACSTH, AC recognised course.

AoEC expectations of participants: To attend all the modules, to take part in the tutorials for each module, to have a minimum of two practice clients and to complete the required coursework.

Training progression Graduation from the Practitioner Diploma provides you with a free entry process to the Advanced Practitioner Diploma. This takes the form of a thorough coaching competency assessment leading to a robust learning plan.

Programme Structure

  • build a strong professional client relationship based upon trust, respect and rapport
  • draw upon a significant body of psychologically grounded coaching skills, to promote client development, encourage breakthroughs and deepen understanding
  • align coaching to the business and organisational context
  • manage effective closure to exceed client, coach and sponsor expectations

Who is it for?

The programme is primarily for experienced managers, trainers, consultants and life coaches.

This programme is also available for delivery as an in-house coach training programme. Please contact Karen Smart at for further details.

Entry Requirements

Substantial people development experience in management, training, counselling or consulting.


EMCC Qualification
Practitioner level
EQA Provider
Equivalent to UG degree / NVQ5

ICF Qualification
Represents 60 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). The ICF requires 60 Coach Specific Training Hours when applying by Portfolio Method for individual coach accreditation for ACC (Associate Certified Coach).

Middlesex University / Professional Development Foundation
20 level 6 credits through Middlesex University

Association for Coaching
AC Recognised course

Assessment Process

  • completion of the three modules + LACD (Live Action Coaching Day) in sequence on a single programme
  • an individual coaching tutorial after module 2 and 3, to embed the personal learning and experience the process of being coached
  • participation in 6 group discussions (3 tutor lead) by webinar after each of the 3 modules to deepen your understanding
  • completion of the online programme to support and develop your learning further
  • successful participation in and completion of the work for the Live Action Coaching Day, assessment, closure and ongoing development
  • presentation of your unique and developing coaching framework and model
  • reflective essay on your personal learning journey
  • live demonstration of your coaching
  • recommendation for ongoing study


Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

Course Faculty

Trudy Arthurs

Trudy Arthurs

Trudy graduated from the AoEC Practitioner Diploma in 2011, and has recently joined the Faculty. Coaching since 2002, Trudy is especially interested in the design and delivery of executive development programmes for managers in transition to middle and senior levels within organisations, across a wide range of sectors including government security, hospitality and healthcare. Her individual clients enhance their communications and leadership skills and their host organisations benefit by increased effectiveness in the areas where her clients lead their teams. Her background includes senior management experience in the financial industry.

In 2009, her business, Dancing Leopards Ltd, was awarded a Special Finalist Award for Excellence in Leadership and Management by the Management & Leadership Network. A highly experienced speaker and author, she has also made several radio and TV appearances.

Wendy Robinson

Wendy Robinson

Wendy grew up in N Ireland and has spent most of her 25 year career working in the UK. She now heads up AoEC Ireland. She has consulted to over fifty organisations spanning the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. She has worked internationally, running intensive leadership programmes and providing executive coaching in the U.S., Australia, Africa and UAE. She is a Principal Consultant with Taylor Clarke, and heads up their R&D function. Wendy has been coaching since the late ‘90’s, and training and supervising coaches for over seven years. Wendy has a BSc, MSc applied psychology, is a chartered and registered psychologist, (HPC) occupational psychologist, an accredited coach and an accredited coaching supervisor.